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This is just a little bit about what we do and how we do it.

At Red Jewel, Inc., we're smart about the jewelry industry.

We know how retailers work, what designers and manufacturers need and how consumers think. We understand the trade from the inside out.

Red Jewel, Inc. provides expertise on items as simple as a one-time press release to projects as comprehensive as a full marketing and communications plan for a multi-million dollar business.

Red Jewel's creator and CEO is Caroline Stanley (Photo by Robert Vlach Photography). A short biography is available here.

We bring new projects to life regularly.

A few of our projects include: various marketing projects, education courses (training, development and implementation) expert witness work, business startups, project management, ads, websites, and public speaking, among many others.

We work with all sizes of companies, from mom-and-pops to international powerhouses.

Red Jewel, Inc. is an exclusive business with extensive industry contacts. We specifically take on projects where we can meaningfully contribute to each client's project. A smaller client base ensures that fewer clients enjoy much attention. The result? Successfully completed projects and happy clients.

If you're looking for assistance in your business, please call us or drop us an email.

Email or dial us direct at in California at 310-941-4033.

We're happy to provide references. We welcome questions, comments and especially your current challenges.